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You have probably moved your belongings more than once in your lifetime. If the result was broken belongings, extreme exhaustion or smashed knuckles then it is time to book in some professional help next time you move or at least hire a van to transport your belongings. If you choose to call Gees Affordable Moving Service you will see how professional local movers can not only save your time and your back, but provide you with a stress-free successful moving experience. Contact us at (256) 479-6457 and ask about our special prices. We have been relocating families and their belongings local or long-distance within the Huntsville AL for the past 9 years, and we know what we’re doing.

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Avoid the unpleasant situations that can occur during your household by hiring Gees Affordable Moving Service. Our crew of experienced and professional local movers will offer you the best moving services. Our movers are bonded professionals who have carried every possible piece of furniture and countless boxes into and out of every possible configuration of house, condominium or apartment setting. Gees Affordable Moving Service understands the value of your belongings and will use great care an meticulous attention to  detail when packing, wrapping, transporting or moving your possessions.

If you need to move your piano don’t risk with other moving company while you can choose the professionals in piano moving in Huntsville AL. Even though, the weight and size of pianos can cause a lot of problems during moving, our professionals can handle any job. They’re highly experienced and will be pleased working with you. We at Gees Affordable Moving Service know how valuable your things are so we make no compromises with quality of our services. Our crew will take all responsibilities and provide you with the piano moving service you need.

They were very professional and courteous. They checked with me where I wanted my stuff moved and were very careful. Thank you so much for your help!

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Gees Affordable Moving Service offers competitive prices, and we maintain full insurance so you can sit back and relax about the security of your belongings. You don’t have to lift a thing. From the minute our crew arrives, just instruct them and watch them work. Our skilled and professional moving company knows what we’re doing and do it with your best interest in mind. We will pad your furnishings if necessary to prevent damage to their corners and any walls. We have the equipment and the know-how to properly wrap delicates as well as the experience to work quickly yet safely and utilize the available space to make your move as efficient as possible in the stated time frame. We will secure your belongings in our truck so that there will be no damage from any shifting during the transportation. Use of a variety of rolling carts allow us to easily and safely move your things from the home you used to live in to our truck and to their final destination in your new home. Visit our company or call us now on (256) 479-6457!